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Black Hills Drone Services provides the most Professional drone pilot services in Rapid City and all of the surrounding communities in the Black Hills area. We are providing services in North Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota. Come Fly with Us!


Our drone pilot is FAA certified and highly qualified to provide you with the services you need, Highly trained and skilled in capturing that money shot everyone is looking for. We follow the FAA’s strict flight rules and safety procedures.

We do not operate under the FAA Section 333 as most drone operators. Drone Pilots require extensive licensing, registration, and reporting requirements. We can fly in restricted areas with a FAA Drone Pilot’s License with the proper authority and waivers. Whereas, other drone operators may not. Don’t chance you video listing to be jeopardized by drone operators that are flying under the radar or illegally. The FAA can have any videos taken down from anywhere on the internet if the footage is taken illegally under commercial use. Fly safe with us knowing you are in good hands with a Certified Drone Pilot at the controls.


Rapid City, SD Aerial Photography


Don’t get left behind

We are Rapid City’s Aerial Photography & Inspection Service leader. Our equipment is of top quality to get you the quality shots you need.

Our FAA Certified Drone Pilot flies an Inspire 1 UAS drone with commercial grade cameras and equipment on board. The quality of film and still shots are stunning in 4k HD resolution. Our mission and passion is to provide you with quality aerial drone imaging services. Drones have an eye for detail and the images are so clear that engineers love the detail in the produced footage.




Special Events & Weddings

Emergency Services                                                                                                              

Thermal Imaging Aerials
Fire Fighting Monitoring
Disaster Management
Search and Rescue Missions
First Responder Operations
Police Surveillance Operations
Risk Management

Inspection Services

Custom Inspection Services
Aerial Thermal Imaging
Aerial Roof Inspections
Aerial Energy Loss Inspections
Industrial & Commercial
Property Aerial Surveys
Insurance Casualty Assessments
Aerial Structural Analysis
Aerial Tower Inspections
Safety Aerial Inspections
Aerial Smoke Stack Inspections
Farm and Ranch Aerial Services
Contractor Aerial Progress Reports
Property Aerials for Land Developers
Landscape Aerial Layouts
Crop Aerial Thermal Imaging

Real Estate Services

Commercial & Residential
Listing Videos
TV Commercials
Property Aerial Surveys
Quality Virtual Tours
Property Inspections

We are supplying drone work for contractors, engineers, landscapers, homeowners, architects, designers, land development investors, bankers, lawyers, utility contractors, ranchers, farmers and we can even come shoot your next wedding or any group gathering. Our inspection service is next to none, with a strict code of ethics in place. The services we provide cannot be matched. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is the leader in quality reports and property inspections. We look out for you and your needs. Quality is job#1

Drone Photography

There is no property we can’t get to!


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