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Have the best inspector in Rapid City & the Black Hills conduct your inspection for you without overlooked items. We work for you, not the sale. Call today 605-209-6766

Black Hills Drone Services & Affiliates

Black Hills Drone Services, Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC & BluSkye Aerial Photography & Video, LLC provide quality Aerial Photography & Inspection services from South Dakota to Louisiana. Call Today!

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Rapid City’s leading 5 star inspection firm & in all of South Dakota. Don’t pass up quality customer service for a cheap inspection. This mistake could cost you thousands more than you saved. Call us today 209-6766

Aerial Drone Inspections

Aerial Inspections in the Black Hills Residential & Commercial, Rapid City’s leading Inspection Service. Call us today to see what we can do for you! We love working with our clients and look forward to hearing from you (605)209-6766

Black Hills Thermal Imaging | Rapid City South Dakota

Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your thermal needs. We have many happy customers and would be happy to help you locate those problem areas of energy loss in your home or place of business, locate your problem areas in your home that are costing you money. Start saving on your utility bills by having your home or place of business evaluated by Black Hills Thermal Imaging and Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC.

New Construction Home & Commercial Inspections

Over-Site Inspections, Black Hills Professional Home Inspections will help keep many overlooked problems at bay during constructing your new project. Call to schedule a home or commercial inspection or new construction inspection. 209-6766 Customer service & quality is job #1

High Tech Inspection Services

Rapid City and the Black Hills Custom High-Tech Inspection Service. Give us a call today to see what what we can do for you. 209-6766

Rapid City Aerial Photography & Inspection Service

Our drone pilot is FAA certified and highly qualified to provide you with the services you need. We provide the most Professional drone pilot services in the Black Hills. Rapid City Drone Services, Rapid, City, drones, inspections, thermal imaging, aerial photography, listing videos, real estate,

Black Hills Drone Services

Rapid City and the Black Hills Professional Aerial Drone Service provider. Our Licensed Pilot at Black Hills Drone Services is located in Rapid City, SD and was the first to hold a FAA Part 107 Drone Operators License.

Farm and Ranch Drone Services

Crop surveys, locating animals, checking fence condition, cattle herd locating, Survey crop drought conditions and Thermal Imaging. South Dakota’s premier drone specialist and inspection company.

Drone Real Estate Property Listings

Make your listing stand out from the competition with High Quality, High Definition Production videos and pictures. Capture the selling shot for your listings and sell your properties faster with this service that is only offered by Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC & Black Hills Thermal Imaging.

Drone Photography In South Dakota

Black Hills Drone Inspection Services are only offered by Black Hills Professional Home Inspections and Black Hills Thermal Imaging. We are leading the way in inspection technology!
Call us today. 605-209-6766

Distressed Homes

Distressed homes come in all shapes and sizes and many times are foreclosed homes that have been on the market for a long time. These homes take longer to inspect and many problems can be found. Often times are bought for a flipper house. These homes need an inspector that knows what they are looking at. Even seasoned house flippers make the mistake in not getting the home inspected thoroughly by a quality inspector.

Luxury Homes

When it comes to Luxury Homes, we are the Luxury Home Inspection Company you are looking for! We are the only 5 star rated inspection firm in the Black Hills area. Call us today at 209-6766 and get the best inspection that your money can buy. You will be glad you did and you will be apart of our happy family of customers. Our clients are #1

Property Inspection Specialist

When it comes to inspecting your property, you want to have the best inspection possible so you know exactly what the total condition of the property is in. A cheap inspection is just that, a “cheap inspection”!

Rapid City South Dakota Property Inspections

Your home is a huge investment, know what you are buying and find the best property inspector you can find and retain him before you even start looking for a property. Buying a home should be a fun time for you and your family, Not a nightmare!

Rapid City & Black Hills Drone Inspection Services

We are the only 5 Star Rated inspection firm in South Dakota. We offer a wide variety of services and Certifications. We are not the cheapest inspection company in the Black Hills area because we are the most diverse and offer the best services in the area. Our inspections pay for themselves every time. Don’t let low cost and minimal experience help you choose the wrong property.

Energy Rating Inspections

Start saving money today! Have your home inspected and get a comprehensive easy to read report. GO GREEN in 2016 and put some money back into your pocket. We can even oversee the project if you like, to make sure things are being done right.

Family Trust Inspections

Family Trust Inspections and Property Consulting Services.
The condition of any property can either benefit or possibly hurt the one you are giving the property to and trying to help.

Property Solutions

Annual home maintenance is key for a happy home and when your home is happy, so is your wallet. We have solutions to pesky problems. When in doubt call the house detective and send your problems down the road. We specialize in hard to find evasive problems. Call us TODAY! 209-6766

Rapid City Roof Inspections | Drone Thermal Imaging

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC & Black Hills Thermal Imaging offer quality roof and exterior inspections in the Rapid City and the Black Hills areas. The Black Hills area has severe weather changes from, high winds, heavy spring snow, large hail, heavy rainfall, very hot summers and very cold winter conditions. Due to these extreme temperature and weather changes will have a direct impact on property, homes and businesses. Read More…

Wyoming Home and Commercial Property Inspections

When you need a Professional Home Inspection, call Black Hills Professional Home Inspections for all your inspection needs. We serve Several areas in Wyoming with professional Home and Commercial inspections. When you are looking for quality and integrity in your Home or Commercial Property inspection, look no further. Read More…

Radon Testing In The Black Hills

All homes and businesses in the Black Hills area should be tested for RADON. Call Black Hills Professional Home Inspections today 605-209-6766