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Have the best inspector in Rapid City & the Black Hills conduct your inspection for you without overlooked items. We work for you, not the sale. Call today 605-209-6766

Black Hills Drone Services Rapid City SD

Black Hills Drone Services, Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC provide quality Aerial Photography & Inspection services from South Dakota & everywhere in between. Call Today!

Black Hills Thermal Imaging | Rapid City South Dakota

Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your thermal needs. We have many happy customers and would be happy to help you locate those problem areas of energy loss in your home or place of business, locate your problem areas in your home that are costing you money. Start saving on your utility bills by having your home or place of business evaluated by Black Hills Thermal Imaging and Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC.

High Tech Inspection Services

Rapid City and the Black Hills Custom High-Tech Inspection Service. Give us a call today to see what what we can do for you. 209-6766

Rapid City Aerial Photography & Inspection Service

Our drone pilot is FAA certified and highly qualified to provide you with the services you need. We provide the most Professional drone pilot services in the Black Hills. Rapid City Drone Services, Rapid, City, drones, inspections, thermal imaging, aerial photography, listing videos, real estate,

Black Hills Drone Services

Rapid City and the Black Hills Professional Aerial Drone Service provider. Our Licensed Pilot at Black Hills Drone Services is located in Rapid City, SD and was the first to hold a FAA Part 107 Drone Operators License.

Drone Real Estate Property Listings

Make your listing stand out from the competition with High Quality, High Definition Production videos and pictures. Capture the selling shot for your listings and sell your properties faster with this service that is only offered by Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC & Black Hills Thermal Imaging.

Building Materials Life Expectancy Chart

Building Materials Life Expectancies differ in many ways and quality. Quality building materials will keep your home looking good and will take less maintenance throughout the years. Low cost building materials can cause many issues inside and outside of your home. Consider at least mid grade or better!

Rapid City & Black Hills Drone Inspection Services

We are the only 5 Star Rated inspection firm in South Dakota. We offer a wide variety of services and Certifications. We are not the cheapest inspection company in the Black Hills area because we are the most diverse and offer the best services in the area. Our inspections pay for themselves every time. Don’t let low cost and minimal experience help you choose the wrong property.

Energy Rating Inspections

Start saving money today! Have your home inspected and get a comprehensive easy to read report. GO GREEN in 2016 and put some money back into your pocket. We can even oversee the project if you like, to make sure things are being done right.

Rapid City Roof Inspections | Drone Thermal Imaging

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC & Black Hills Thermal Imaging offer quality roof and exterior inspections in the Rapid City and the Black Hills areas. The Black Hills area has severe weather changes from, high winds, heavy spring snow, large hail, heavy rainfall, very hot summers and very cold winter conditions. Due to these extreme temperature and weather changes will have a direct impact on property, homes and businesses. Read More…

Wyoming Home and Commercial Property Inspections

When you need a Professional Home Inspection, call Black Hills Professional Home Inspections for all your inspection needs. We serve Several areas in Wyoming with professional Home and Commercial inspections. When you are looking for quality and integrity in your Home or Commercial Property inspection, look no further. Read More…

Commercial Property & Investment Inspections

Investors and Commercial Properties: Investors need to know what they are buying so they can keep people safe at their place of business. We provide a safety report in all of our inspections. When looking for a commercial property inspection you need to keep in mind “Quality”. Read More…

Drone Roof Inspections and Property Surveys

This type of inspection is good for steep and unreachable roofs. Don’t leave your inspection unfinished because your inspector can’t get to unreachable areas of of structure. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections is always looking for ways to serve their customers better. Read More…

Professional Certifications

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections Inspector stays on top of the industries changes and up to date information, to provide their customers with a Top Rated Inspection. Continued Education is a must to provide a Professional Inspection Service to everyone. With 65 Certifications and counting… Read More…

Photography Services

We also offer Professional Photography Services to the Black Hills and surrounding areas. Photography is a great way to document things about your home and other important items, that mean the most to you and your family. High Quality Resolution Pictures are produced with our high tech photography equipment. Read More…

Black Hills Thermal Imaging

There is more to Thermal Imaging than pretty pictures. Here are some pictures of poorly installed In-Floor Hot Water Heating. In the first picture, you can see all the blue cold spots. The orange is the heat that is provided by the hot water in-floor heating system and should be uniform like the second picture. Read More…