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Technology continues to advance in the drone industry, and this is also true in agriculture, where farmers and landowners continually work to make the most of their land and resources that are available to them. Advances in precision agriculture techniques, with the latest innovations in GPS mapping and all the applications in the field, are helping farmers tighten their profit margins, operate more efficiently, manage output with greater ease, than ever before.BLACK HILLS THERMAL IMAGING 2

Farmers and companies who manufacture and design systems by which to collect data are very eager to incorporate them into their business. The predictions for drone use in agriculture is 80% or better for the commercial market for drones and will eventually be mostly for agricultural uses.
Using the data gathered from drones, farmers can improve their yields, apply fertilizer, water, or chemicals only where they are needed, map their fields, monitor crop health, check for signs of disease, and save time in the process without the costly expense of hiring a pilot with a plane. There is no question that this technology is moving forward and it’s going to move fast, stay ahead of mother nature and integrate our services into helpful information you can use for better ROI throughout your farming or ranching operations.

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Farmers and ranchers have increased their yields while reducing their environmental footprint, thanks to advances in precision agriculture technology, by implementing drone services into the ongoing changes in farm and ranch operations. Drones are the next evolution in American agriculture production. Drones allow you to get aerial footage and images at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Lets face it Google maps are many times are not up to date and our drone service is in real time! Black Hills Drone Services produces videos and photos of large properties in South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska and in the Black Hills areas.

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When it comes to farming, ranch, agriculture, and even wildlife management, a drone flyover video can pay huge dividends and actually save money Drone property videos can also be used for sales and marketing for any property. If you are getting ready to sell a farm, ranch, animal sanctuary or any other piece of property, consider a professionally produced marketing video from Black Hills Drone Services. You can feature the animals, the crops, developed infrastructure or just the land itself. An aerial view of your real estate can introduce prospective buyers, highlight all the features and amenities, and help get the property sold in a much faster pace than the conventional way . If you operate a private wildlife reserve, hunting lodge, zoo, or animal sanctuary, a drone video can capture all the benefits and the value of the property being listed for sale.


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