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Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is here to help you choose the right property in Sturgis and all of the communities in the Black Hills area. Our inspections in Sturgis South Dakota are thorough, ethical and our customers come first with your safety as a top priority. When looking to buy a home or place of business in Sturgis, you want an independent inspector on your side. Our home  & Commercial inspection reports are set up to cut through the clutter, are easy to read and easy to understand. We have cut out the filler and clutter that is found in most home inspection reports so you are not left confused more than informed. 


Please read your report carefully and then give us a call. Most everything in our reports are general maintenance and many items listed, you will have to maintain these items every year. These items are “General Maintenance“. All homes have problems new or old. The “Safety Issues” listed in the report are the issues that you need to be concerned about the most. These items are the ones you should bring up to have repaired or negotiated to have repaired. “Major Repairs” Are high ticket items that can cost a lot of money to repair, such as; Roofing, Foundation, AtticPlumbing, Furnace & Electrical. Keep in mind if the home is new or used. 

Posts and Beams that are WarpedCrawl Spaces:
If your inspector does not enter your crawl space, we recommend you contact an inspector that does. The crawl space has many jobs to do to keep your home in good working order. Many items are housed in the crawl space that help your home’s performance and functionality. Make sure your inspector inspects and reports on your crawl space before you buy your new home. More often than not a lot of issues are found in the crawl space area.


Cracks in the Foundation, Walls, and Ceilings

Foundations play a huge roll in a structures stability and longevity and must be reported on. The crawl space must be accessible for the inspector to gain access. Hairline cracks should be monitored yearly for further separation. Cracks 1/8 of an inch or larger can leak at any given time and need to be addressed. A foundation expert may need to be brought in for further assessment, estimates and repair options. Foundations can be repaired, but the price can be quite spendy. 



Roof DamageThe Roof:
The roof is another expensive item to repair and should be reported on. Snow cover roofing systems can not be inspected if they are snow covered and icey. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections will walk the roof whenever possible to inspect. The attic should also be entered if possible and be accessible. If issues are found you will be advised to get estimates to repair the roof by a licensed quality roofer. Do not try to find the cheapest roofer, you may end up with bigger issues than you started with.



Wiring IssuesElectrical:
The electrical system should be inspected for wiring issues and possible upgrades that may be needed. Electrical issues are found and very common with older homes. Most homes always have some electrical issues. You may be advised to contact an electrician to get estimates for repairs and needed upgrades. Electrical can get expensive to repair, make sure the the inspector reports on the electrical system and its components. 



Missing InsulationAttics:
The attic should also be inspected and be accessible for the inspector to enter. All kinds of important items are located in the attic area and must be entered if at all possible to be inspected. A lack of insulation, wiring issues, exhaust vents, plumbing, framing, roof leaks, ductwork and many other important items can be found in an attic, new or old. Attics also play an important role in the home of place of businesses energy efficiency and keeping the occupants comfortable in the cold and warm seasons. The attic temperature should be within 10 to 15* of the outside temperature. 



Improper plumbing support.Plumbing:
The plumbing needs to be inspected for leaks, improper connections and functionality. The location of the main water shutoff valve needs to be located and be reported on. Homeowner repairs can be found on many older homes and much of the time are unprofessionally done. Plumbing pipes and fixtures can give way at any time much like any item, system or component in any home. Keep in mind that moving parts wear out. If the home was constructed before the 1970’s we will recommend to have the homes sewer line be scopped for possible damage or collapse. 



The furnace should be reported on and its general condition at the time of the inspection. We check for Carbon monoxide leaks while inspecting the heating system. If the furnace is an older system or dirty we will recommend having the furnace cleaned, serviced and inspected by a licensed and certified HVAC professional. A well functioning furnace will keep you warm, cool and comfortable if maintained on a yearly basis. This will also help to ensure that it doesn’t go down at the worst times and it usually will if not on a yearly maintenance program.


We come highly recommended by our clients, please check out our reviews on google and several other places on the internet. There is a lot of good information on this website for home and property buyers. We provide Quality Home Inspections to all of the Sturgis SD areas. Sturgis is the home of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the largest motorcycle rally event in the world held every August. If you are here for the rally and decide to move to the Black Hills, you need to give a fellow biker and home inspector from Black Hills Professional Home Inspections a call. “Ride SAFE while in the Black Hills” We want to see you next year!

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