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Have the best inspector in Rapid City & the Black Hills conduct your inspection for you without overlooked items. We work for you, not the sale. Call today 605-209-6766

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Rapid City & the Black Hills area recommended contractors; Black Hills Professional Home & Commercial Inspections

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Rapid City’s leading 5 star inspection firm & in all of South Dakota. Don’t pass up quality customer service for a cheap inspection. This mistake could cost you thousands more than you saved. Call us today 209-6766

Black Hills Thermal Imaging | Rapid City South Dakota

Give us a call today to see how we can help you with your thermal needs. We have many happy customers and would be happy to help you locate those problem areas of energy loss in your home or place of business, locate your problem areas in your home that are costing you money. Start saving on your utility bills by having your home or place of business evaluated by Black Hills Thermal Imaging and Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC.

New Construction Home & Commercial Inspections

Over-Site Inspections, Black Hills Professional Home Inspections will help keep many overlooked problems at bay during constructing your new project. Call to schedule a home or commercial inspection or new construction inspection. 209-6766 Customer service & quality is job #1

High Tech Inspection Services

Rapid City and the Black Hills Custom High-Tech Inspection Service. Give us a call today to see what what we can do for you. 209-6766

Drone Real Estate Property Listings

Make your listing stand out from the competition with High Quality, High Definition Production videos and pictures. Capture the selling shot for your listings and sell your properties faster with this service that is only offered by Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC & Black Hills Thermal Imaging.

Drone Photography In South Dakota

Black Hills Drone Inspection Services are only offered by Black Hills Professional Home Inspections and Black Hills Thermal Imaging. We are leading the way in inspection technology!
Call us today. 605-209-6766

Building Materials Life Expectancy Chart

Building Materials Life Expectancies differ in many ways and quality. Quality building materials will keep your home looking good and will take less maintenance throughout the years. Low cost building materials can cause many issues inside and outside of your home. Consider at least mid grade or better!

Property Inspection Specialist

When it comes to inspecting your property, you want to have the best inspection possible so you know exactly what the total condition of the property is in. A cheap inspection is just that, a “cheap inspection”!

Rapid City South Dakota Property Inspections

Your home is a huge investment, know what you are buying and find the best property inspector you can find and retain him before you even start looking for a property. Buying a home should be a fun time for you and your family, Not a nightmare!

Sturgis Home & Commercial Property Inspections

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections is here to help you choose the right property. Our inspections in Sturgis are thorough and ethical and our customers come first with your safety as a top priority. When looking to buy a home or business in Sturgis you want an independent home inspector on your side.

Home Inspections 101

Too many buyers and sellers take whatever name is recommended by their realtor without doing any research. This could be the biggest mistake you can make. We will provide you with Quality service and an inspection you can rely on. Protect your investment with a quality inspection. You only get one chance at an inspection, make it count!

Sundance Wyoming Home Inspection

Many homes are of simple design and many are very ornate. We provide custom inspections to fit your needs. We inspect homes of every type, age, style, configurations and conditions and know what to look for. When you need a Professional Inspection in Sundance Wyoming, look no further. Call TODAY 605-209-6766

Recommended Septic Service

Pennington County requires residents with a septic system to be pumped every 6 years. Maintaining your septic system help protect drinking water and the environment.
It costs a lot less to maintain than to replace.

Drone Roof Inspections and Property Surveys

This type of inspection is good for steep and unreachable roofs. Don’t leave your inspection unfinished because your inspector can’t get to unreachable areas of of structure. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections is always looking for ways to serve their customers better. Read More…

Professional Certifications

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections Inspector stays on top of the industries changes and up to date information, to provide their customers with a Top Rated Inspection. Continued Education is a must to provide a Professional Inspection Service to everyone. With 65 Certifications and counting… Read More…

Sheridan Lake Home & Commercial Inspections

The Sheridan Lake area has many beautiful homes in the area and a great area to live. If you are moving into the Sheridan Lake area give, Black Hills Professional Home Inspections a call to inspect your new home.

Pets in the Black Hills Needing Help

If you chose Black Hills Professional Home Inspections to do your next Home Inspection. We will donate $25.00 from every Home Inspection to Sturgis Meade County Animal Shelter or The Rapid City Animal Shelter or any Shelter of (Your choice). Read More…

Construction Over-Site Inspections & Quality Control

While your new home is being built , you should have an Over-Site Inspection©, throughout the building process of your new home. Many times shortcuts are taken while in the process of building a home. Sometimes it is just a simple oversight by the builder. Read More…