A Hot Attic is Bad for Several Reasons.

  • High temperatures inside your attic shorten the lifespan of shingles.
  • Excessive heat deteriorates items you store in the attic.
  • Roof sheathing deterioration.
  • Moisture problems will occur inside the attic areas.
  • Mold growth.

Maintaining the air temperature in your attic
Will help with your heating and cooling bills.

TempatureThe air temperature in your attic should be about the same as the outside temperature (OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE) and the air temperature in the attic should not be more than 10 to 20 degrees more than the outside air temperature, (if the attic is 20 degrees higher or more than the outside air), “Fans may prove beneficial for proper air flow.” The attic is a great place to find evidence of roof leaks, especially if you have already seen potential problems on the roof. Never duct any bathroom fans or dryer vents into the attic. This is a very bad idea and will also cause moisture problems along with mold growth.                                             


Attic Pull Down Ladders


Attic pull-down ladders, are collapsible ladders that are permanently attached to the attic floor.
Homeowners can use these ladders to access their attics without being required to carry a portable ladder.

  • Do not allow children to enter the attic through an attic access. The lanyard attached to the attic stairs should be short enough that children cannot reach it. Parents can also lock the attic ladder so that a key or combination is required to access it.
    • Replace an old, rickety wooden ladder with a new one. Newer aluminum models are often lightweight, sturdy and easy to install.
  • Attic pull-down ladders are prone to a number of defects, most of which are due to improper installation.



Roofs play a key role in protecting building occupants and interiors from outside weather conditions, primarily moisture. The roof, insulation and ventilation must all work together to keep the building free of moisture. A leaky roof can damage ceilings, walls and furnishings. The average life expectancy of a typical residential roof is 15 to 20 years. Tile, metal and slate are a more expensive roofing materials, but if you need to replace your roofing anyway, it may be worthwhile to pay a little more for the added protection these materials provide. You may also save on your insurance costs. NEVER paint your shingles, this will create moisture problems and rot with the roof’s sheathing.

  • Asphalt is the most commonly used roofing material.
  • Metal roofing costs more than asphalt, but it typically lasts two to three times longer than asphalt and wood shingles.
  • Wood Shakes offer a natural look with a lot of character. Most wood shakes are unrated by fire safety codes.
  • Concrete Tiles are made of extruded concrete that are colored and are very durable, aesthetically appealing, and low in maintenance.
  • Single-ply membranes are flexible sheets of compounded synthetic materials. These materials provide strength, flexibility, and long-lasting durability.


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