There are many home inspection companies that are more like “Lookers“. The Lookers are usually the inexpensive inspectors. These Lookers will spend about 45 minutes to 1 hour inspecting a 2500 sq ft house and they don’t tell you much more than what you already know about the house. You paid for nothing other than hearing what you hoped to hear, that there are no major problems. These type of inspections are not in your best interest. You cannot inspect a home in 45 min.

Your best bet is having a quality home inspections from us.

A more experienced inspector will take more than twice as long to inspect a house. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections’ average around $350 to $450 for an inspection. Then you get a quote for $200 to $250 for the same house, then you can assume that this inspector for the cheaper price is not doing as thorough of a job…

It makes you wonder what they are not inspecting.”

We take 2 to 2 and 1/2 hours with most of our inspections
Depending on the age and the size of the home.


My best advice is to go with the higher priced inspector.
This is not the place or time to save money! 

Shame on the Realtors that shop for their clients inspector by finding the cheapest inspector
Just to save their client $50.00 to $100.00
And hopefully that cheap inspector that will not find any issues with the home.

Realtor code of ethics prohibits this kind of practice.
But a lot of them do it anyway.
Don’t be mislead!

You only get one shot at an inspection on the property.
If you go with the cheaper inspection service, you will most likely be dissatisfied.
By then your deadline is past and you just have to live with your decision
And the house with all it’s overlooked problems.

Wrong House

Protect Yourself and Your Family
Inspect with Quality

Quality Home Inspections

The most comprehensive reports in the Black Hills, Rapid City and the surrounding areas.
Our Inspections Pay For Themselves Every Time!
Have the best inspection done so you can be confident in what you’re buying,
Beware of tricks and traps set in place in the Real Estate market!

Don’t roll the dice on a cheap home inspection. You get what you pay for. Inspect with quality not a cheap price!
Inspect with Black Hills Professional Home Inspections and have integrity quality and honesty in EVERY home inspection done.

We always look out for you and we are on your side!


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