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Black Hills Professional Home Inspections specializes in Dispute Resolutions to help resolve issues you may be having with your home repair person or your contractor. Many times disputes arise when the you and your contractor just don’t see eye to eye and communication starts to break down. When this happens the job can come to a halt and anger can and will set in between the two parties involved. Do your best to resolve the problem with calm communication. If that does not work you can call us in to help get things rolling in the right direction again.

We understand that frustration can lead to anger and distrust. Many times these issues can be resolved without going to court. Nobody wants to go through that hassle and expense. A third party with an open mind can often find common ground between the persons involved in the dispute and find easy solutions to the problem. Nobody wants to have to hire a lawyer, go to court, spend time and money over a simple misunderstanding. Don’t let it go that far before you contact us to help. With years of property repair, remodeling and construction under our toolbelt, we can find easy solutions and remedies to the issues you may be having. To get things back on track and get the project finished your best bet is to give us a call. Many times there is a simple solution. Communication is key to resolving the issues you may be having.


Finding a resolution can many times be easy and many times it can be difficult. We look for the simple solutions to make everyone happy and be the most cost effective. Keeping calm is the first and best advice we can give to help keep unwanted and unneeded lawsuits at bay. Lawsuits are for when there are no easy solution to the problem. Don’t let an easy solution become a nightmare and a huge waste of time and money!

Realtors and Home Sellers: 
Are you having problems with getting a problematic home sold?

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Other specialties: 
We have helped several sellers and realtors get that problematic home sold. Many times, some homes are just not what the buyer wants, due to many reasons. You want to draw them in with good layout and features. Updating a kitchen is great but there is more to it than just updates. Being a remodeler for many years and have a good eye for colors and details, we can help you get past most barriers that you may be having to getting that home sold! If you get stuck in this situation, give us a call to help you get that home sold. A lot of the times#1, #2 can do the most harm to getting a home ready for sale or getting that home sold. Let us, get you out of those traps.


  1. Outside appearance (Curb Appeal) is probably on top of the list, if you have a good eye.
  2. Color schemes can really be a turn off to a lot of people. Need to know your colors!
  3. Kitchen updates, people spend a lot of time in their kitchens. Good kitchen, good chef.
  4.  The floor layouts can discourage the buyer as well.
  5. Many times minor maintenance issues can be the problem.
  6. Small details can be fixed fairly quickly if you know what to look for.
  7. A third set of trained eyes can bring it all together.
  8. We see things that most people overlook in a home.
  9. Never over upgrade! Know the limits when upgrading and get the most out of it.
  10. We are impartial and have no financial gain from the repairs or the sale of the home.


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