Things to keep in mind while in the process of building your new home.  

Building your dream home is exciting and there’s a good chance that you have spent several years thinking about and working on what your new home would look like and the best place to build it for you and your family’s needs. That’s why it’s important to have a great relationship and strong communication with your contractor and this will be the team that will help make your dream home a proud reality.

Your contractor is responsible for all the subcontractors on the job building your new home.

Change Orders Can Be Costly:

When you have settled on the design and finishes for your new home, it’s time to stay clear of HGTV, Facebook, Houzz and all of the other places where you have your ideas saved. There will always be a cool new product or a fun project going viral, but bringing that to your contractor once the work is started and the supplies are ordered is costly. Change orders can significantly increase the cost and delay when the home will be completed.
Just know that in the end it will cost you.

Know What You Want:

When it comes to building your dream home, there are a lot of decisions to make and things to take into consideration. Being the homeowner, you will need to be involved and be ready to make those decisions in a timely manner. Don’t be scrambling for ideas at the last moment. This will help keep the project on schedule and keep things running smoothly without creating extra costs and delays. This will add up fast and you will wonder where the money went, Know what you want!


Screen your Contractors and Home Repair Contractors.

Contractor ExperienceTo ensure great customer service and high-quality home you need to be aware of the good builders and the ones that are in it for a quick buck.  Some like to use poor quality building supplies and overlook quality control that will create problems with your home down the road. Carefully screen your contractors and home repair contractors.


When it comes to building your new custom home:

Use quality building products to help keep maintenance and repairs at bay. Using poor quality building products will cost you way more than the money you saved. Home Inspections work In the same manner.  There are many things you can save money on but your home should not be one of them. This will help keep your home and it’s components in good working condition for years to come.



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