There are many building supplies and products out there these days. Many problems will occur when using cheap building supplies or services on your projects or building that new home. The saying “You get what you pay for“, holds true in many cases in life. Building or remodeling a home is no different. Home Inspections are on top of that list.


Which areas are best not to go cheap for your new home or remodeling projects? 

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When it comes to buying plumbing supplies, never purchase cheap or poor quality plumbing supplies or fixtures. This is one area where cheap can cost you thousands of dollars if a pipe go’s bad while your gone.  In many cases you will be replacing these cheap items several times. Spend your money on quality plumbing fixtures and spend less time and money on repairing.


Same holds true with electrical supplies. When you purchase poor quality electrical supplies the odds are you will be spending a lot of money on service calls and replacing these items. Fire safety would be the#1reason not to go cheap in this area. Electrical problems are some of the most common problems found during a home inspection.


Cheap flooring products are used all the time out there. Poor quality comes with a cheap price. Many times low cost flooring will get wore down within a year or two, due to the constant use in high traffic areas. Using a quality pad under your carpet will provide more comfort and prolong the life of your carpet. Make sure all tile and wood flooring products are installed properly.


When using asphalt roofing supplies (most common), a quality tar paper is the best way to help prevent water leaks. As far as the roofing shingles are concerned, using a mid-grade is probably the best way to go. In most cases a 30 year shingle will fail within half the time of the warranty or less, due to hail, wind and other weather related conditions. Metal roofing is the most durable when installed properly and the longest lasting. Metal roofing materials will hold up the best in harsh weather conditions. “INSTALL YOUR VENTS” !



Cheap or poor quality windows and doors will cause a variety of issues. Air leaks would be the biggest concern when it comes to windows and doors. Warping frames, Air leaks, Glass failure, hard to open and close and energy loss are the biggest factors when it comes to these products. Proper installation also plays a huge part in how long they will last and provide comfort. Keep the outside elements outside and save money on your energy consumption.

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