When you go shopping for that dream home,
There are some things you should look for.

This checklist will help you determine whether or not you should keep looking or buy that home.
There are many things a buyer should look for when shopping.

  1. Is the home in your price range?
  2. Is it a good area to raise your kids in?
  3. Take a quick look at the roof / Does it look in bad shape?
  4. Is the home in need of many repairs?
  5. Does the basement smell musty or like mold?
  6. Look for broken windows and missing screens.
  7. Test the windows, do they open easy?
  8. Are there large cracks in the foundation?
  9. Are the homes in the area in good shape and well maintained?
  10. Are you going to need to replace the carpet or flooring?
  11. Do the toilets look like they are sinking into the floor?
  12. Are the doors sticky or hard to open?
  13. Does the garage door open without a lot of problems?
  14. Are there downspouts connected to the gutters?
  15. Is your Realtor pushing a house on you that you are not interested in?
  16. Do the faucets drip?
  17. Do you see mold?
  18. How is the water pressure?
  19. Ask about the utility bills / High or Low? Ask to see them.
  20. Do you see water stains on the ceilings?



Don’t buy a home that will send you into debt with a lot of repairs you cannot afford.

These are just some things you can do yourself while going through a home. Your walkthrough can raise red flags to the home’s condition. Keep your eyes open for some of these items listed. It can give you a good idea how well the home was maintained. Are these items something you want to invest money or time in? Can you afford these repairs? These are simple things you can look at and a good home inspector will report on the major items you should be aware of.


Some Other Very Important Things You Should Be Aware Of:
These are some tricks you need to be aware of.
Don’t fall for any of them!

  • Are you being shown houses out of your price range?
  • Do they keep showing you homes you are not interested in?
  • Is there high pressure sales being used to get you to buy the home?
  • Are they trying to get you to use their inspector to inspect that home?
  • Are they down playing the issues that you looked at?
  • Are they discouraging you from choosing your own independent home inspector?
  • Are they pushing their insurance company or mortgage broker on you?
  • Are both the Buyer’s agent and Listing agent in the same office?
  • Is the Realtor a dual agent working both sides of the sale of the home?
  • Are they telling you, they will get their repair person to okay issues found?
  • Are they refusing to show you homes you want to look at?
  • Don’t let them tell you, “Ohh, We have a cheap inspector you can use”. Bad Idea!
  • Is the listing of the home different than the home’s real condition?



If you feel that any of these items or tricks listed above are being used on you, fire your realtor and look for an honest one. These tricks are being used all too often on first time home buyer’s and the elderly. These dishonest sales practices are used to get you to buy a distressed hard to sell home, a relative’s home or even one of their own properties. You can file a complaint with the South Dakota Real Estate Commission in Pierre if any of these tricks are being played on you! Don’t let this happen to you. These are some of the biggest mistakes you can make when buying a home and could cost you thousands or even cause you to lose the home after you buy it, due to the financial burden that was placed on you and your family.



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