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Quality Commercial and Home Inspections in Spearfish South Dakota,

Have an inspector that is on your side when looking for a Commercial or Residential inspection.

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is your solution for home inspections in Spearfish SD, & we hold ourselves to the strict standard of ethics in every inspection conducted. We look out for our client’s needs, not the sale of the property, Residential or Commercial. 

Our High Tech Inspection service provides you with information you can use during a stressful time when purchasing a property. Spearfish is a rapidly growing community and the residents of Spearfish rely on us to conduct Professional Inspections for them. Have the property that you are looking at to buy thoroughly inspected & receive the best report available in your hands when negotiating, with useful information you can use. Don’t hire a looker just to look around at the house or commercial property, hire a Professional Inspector to inspect your new investment. 

Our clients & their concerns are top priority, not the sale, Call us today for all of your Spearfish home inspection needs. We can customize inspections to fit your needs. We also provide custom inspections that are not offered by any other company. Have an Inspector that isn’t tied to your realtor’s pocketbook, we are the only truly independent property inspector in all of the Black Hills areas including Spearfish.

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