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“Rapid City Residential Home Inspections?”

Residential Inspections:

Rapid City Residential Home Inspections“Don’t risk your only inspection”

There are so many reasons to have Rapid City residential home inspections on a property that you are looking to purchase. We will provide you with a piece of mind knowing that you had a quality and ethical inspection is done on the property you are about to purchase. Letting you know what the total condition of the property is, “Is our job”.

We will also provide you with the best inspection and report in all of the Black Hills Areas, we are on your side. Our customers Love our reports! 


 Rapid City Residential Home InspectionsKnow what you are buying

A quality Rapid City residential inspection will help you to understand the overall condition and the problems that the property may have & the needed repairs. Know what you are buying before you sign on the dotted line. You only get one shot at an inspection on your house or place of business, choose a quality inspector to do your inspection for you. If you go with the cheapest home inspection, you will most likely be dissatisfied with the results. By then your deadline will have passed and you will have to live with your decision & all of its overlooked problems.

Rapid City Residential Home Inspections
“Find the Best Inspector”

Find the best inspector for Rapid City residential inspections, out there & have the best inspection done so you can be confident in what you’re buying. Beware of the low-cost inspectors that offer a substandard inspection service for a low cost. This is not the time for bargain shopping, bargain shopping is good for when you are shopping for household items.

Tricks and traps are set in place in the Real Estate market and don’t let anyone talk you out of one even if the home is new! 

Call today to find out what these traps are before you start looking for your dream home. Remember to always get your home tested for Radon.

You only get one inspection, make it count!
Demand a quality Rapid City residential home inspection!

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