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Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC inspector knows just how important and sometimes stressful the inspection process can be. Mr Banks is Rapid City’s Custom Inspection Service leader and we hold ourselves to a strict code of ethics for all of our clients at all times. Have an inspector that will look out for you and your investment. We are locally owned and operated with Black Hills residents as our top priority!

 Black Hills Professional Home Inspections is a professional home & commercial  inspection company and the inspector is the most certified and qualified inspector in Rapid City and anywhere in the Black Hills area. With over 30+ years of remodeling, contracting, plumbing, electrical license experience, we are the company with the most hands on experience in the construction fields and housing industry. We are totally independent and we keep our clients best interest and safety in mind throughout the inspection process. This type of Customer Service cannot be found anywhere else.

Master Inspector

Mr. Banks holds 68 professional certifications to serve his customers better, his knowledge and experience cannot be matched! We are the Black Hills trusted choice of inspection firms. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC offers a wide range of quality services that are not offered by any other inspection service in the Rapid City area or in a 5 state area. We will not offer a substandard inspection just to offer you a cheap price. 

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections will provide you the information you need to make the best informed buying decision when it comes to buying a home or commercial property. Our job is to give you an independent and comprehensive assessment of the property accompanied with a quality & thorough report. The objective will be to provide you with the best quality report possible showing you the total overall evaluation of the property that you are looking at to buy. We are here to assist you in making an informed decision so you make the right choice. We will thoroughly inspect all major components of the home or commercial structure you are looking at and provide you with the best report that can’t be matched. Our reports are easy to to read and understand without a bunch of filler that does nothing but leave you with more questions than answers. Our clients love our reports!

South Dakota Code of Ethics

We deliver our reports usually within a 24 hour time frame and will be delivered to you electronically via email. Our service does not stop after the inspection and we will be here for you if you ever have any questions long after the inspection takes place. All of our inspections follow a strict, Code of Ethics & We believe in giving our clients what they pay for at a “more than fair price” for the services rendered. 


Black Hills Professional Home Inspections is a High-Tech Inspection Service and we inspect homes of every type, age, style, configuration and condition. We specialize in Luxury Homes, Log Homes, Historic Homes, New Construction, Foreclosed Homes, Troubled Homes, and every type of home and commercial property on the market anywhere in the Black Hills area. Our equipment cannot be matched and surpasses that of our competition in leaps and bounds. Our firm invests in quality equipment so we can provide you with the best inspection possible. When searching for an inspector and other inspection firms quote you a low price, ask yourself ? What aren’t they reporting on” ..

.Log Home Inspections

Rapid City was named after Rapid Creek, on which the city is established, it is set against the eastern slope of the Black Hills mountain range. Miles of bike paths run through the city along Rapid creek.The discovery of gold in 1874 brought a flow of settlers into the Black Hills. Out of the gold rush grew cities, and other industries became apparent, such as lumbering, ranching and farming. John Brennan and Samuel Scott, along with a small party of men, came to the area in February 1876. They camped in what is now known as Cleghorn Springs, did some exploring, and decided to lay out the site of the present Rapid City. A square mile was measured off and the six blocks in the center were designated as a business section. Committees were appointed to bring in prospective merchants and their families to locate in the new settlement. When buying a new home or place of business, consider the best inspection service for your new property and feel confident that you bought the right one. 

S-Trap plumbingPlumbingThe plumbing needs to be inspected for leaks, improper connections and functionality. The location of the main water shutoff valve needs to be located and be reported on. Plumbing leaks & water leaks are bad inside & out. 

This is an “S” Trap. The S in S-Trap means “SLOW” Homeowner repairs can be found on many older homes and much of the time are unprofessionally done. Plumbing pipes and fixtures can give way at any time much like any item, system or component in any home. If the home was constructed before the 1970’s, we will recommend to have the homes sewer line be scoped for possible damage or collapse, We highly recommend scoping all older sewer lines. You don’t want to move into a home and right away you have to spend $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 to have the line replaced. It is well worth the $150.00

Foundation repairsFoundation repairs can also be costly. This foundation was just repaired by a local so called “Professional”. They need to have their tools taken away so they can’t do this type of work for anyone ever again.

Many homes in the Black Hills & Rapid City have foundation problems. The foundation is the heart of the home and does many things to keep a home in good working order. All foundations should be thoroughly inspected before buying any structure.

A bad foundation could cost you $30,000.00 and up depending on the damage. Water is the biggest cause of damage to any foundation. Drainage around the home plays a huge roll into keeping your foundation in good working order and preventing costly damage. Gutters also play a huge roll into keeping the foundation dry and in good working order. 

Moisture Issues

Moisture is a big problem to any home or commercial property. Water damage can be costly in many ways, Mold is one big concern with water intrusion and can cause major health concerns. Termites love moisture, insects of all sorts & mold thrives where there is moisture. Mold testing is not apart of a typical inspection and would be a separate service.   

Plumbing leaks

Plumbing issues are often found during a home or commercial inspection. Leaks should be taken care of as soon as possible before they turn into costly repairs. This shows a packing nut leaking at the water heater and just may need to be tightened. Be careful when tightening a packing nut on any valve. Recommend cleaning the area and tighten very slowly! Water heaters should be flushed every three months to clean out hard water scale, to help keep the water heater in good working condition for years beyond their life expectancy! 

Radon Testing

Radon Testing is recommended for all homes in the Rapid City area and all of the surrounding communities. The only way to know the levels of radon is by testing. We provide Radon Testing to all of the Black Hills area residents, Home & Commercial properties. We are South Dakota’s most diverse property inspection firm and our clients always come first! We can & will customise our inspection service to fit your needs.

Rapid City, Sturgis, Spearfish, Deadwood & Custer home inspectors are not created equally and Black Hills Professional Home Inspections is a Quality Custom Inspection Service. Call us today for an inspection you can trust and count on. Don’t let anyone talk you out of a radon test before buying. You are better off knowing about RADON and being able to do something about it, than not knowing until it is too late! We will provide quality Radon Testing with quick results typically within 3 days. 

Radon testing in Rapid City & the Black Hills

Sun Nucular Radon Testing

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