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Rapid City's leading InspectorThe Black Hills is a great place to live in South Dakota. When moving your family to the Black Hills area and are looking to buy a home or place of business you want the best Inspector you can find to look out for you Not the sale. “Our clients are Top Priority” We do not cater to the sale of the property or solicit Realtors, this gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best inspection service possible. Most property inspectors either, Residential or Commercial work for the Realtors, not you. This is a total disservice to the general public & to the profession. We do not operate or conduct our inspection business in this fashion. “Professional” is in our name & we tend to stay that way. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections Customer Service is job #1. 



KidsWe are on your side & best friend when it comes to purchasing a property. Don’t be fooled by Realtors when they tell you that they have the inspector to do your inspection. Most of the time these Inspectors are soft inspectors working for the Realtor and the sale of the property to get more referrals. Most are in the business for a quick buck & vital items will be overlooked to please the realtor. “Beware” of this #1 misleading tactic. We are totally independent from any realtor’s office.  


South Dakota Code of EthicsIt can be tempting to skip costly inspections, especially if the home looks in pristine condition. However, skipping the inspection can be a costly mistake. “To allow for full transparency, always use an inspector of your choosing and never be pressured to use an inspector your agent recommended to you. These inspectors are often the cheaper inspector with minimal knowledge that provides soft inspections geared towards the sale & the realtor, not the buyer. Do your research! We hold ourselves to a strict Code of Ethics for all of our clients at all times. 



Think smartRemember, our home inspection report is not a pass or fail grade but rather the overall condition of the property. It does, however, open the door for renegotiation when major repairs are needed. Home inspections are meant to keep homeowners safe & inform them about what they are buying. Overlooked items during an inspection can be devastating. We highly recommend having an independent inspector like Black Hills Professional Home Inspections do your inspection for you, not a soft inspector working for the Real estate agent. Not all Realtors & Inspectors are dishonest but the majority of them are. Most realtors are just overpriced used car salesmen & could care less about what you buy. There are thousands of realtors in the Black Hills area and they are all hungry for that quick buck, do your research on anyone you plan to hire including home inspectors. Google Reviews is a good place to start. 


Master Inspector

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is the most Highly Rated & Certified inspection firm in the State of South Dakota & within a 5 State area. Buying a property will more than likely be your biggest investment you will ever make & you want the best inspection firm on your side. We are in the business to help protect property buyers & homeowners from being taken advantage of. We provide the best inspection service & customer service that can’t be matched. We provide custom inspections to suit your needs. Never forego an inspection on a property, new or old. Another misleading sales pitch is “You don’t need an inspection, the house is new” We find many new homes out there to be poorly built and built in haste. We also recommend doing your research on the contractors that were used to build your home. Passing on an inspection on a new home can be costly!


New Home

First Time Home Buyers need to be aware of all the tricks used to get you to buy a home. Stay clear of lenders & inspectors that are pushed on you by your realtor. If your realtor insists you that you use their recommended affiliates, back away & look for independent providers. We are the inspection firm you are looking for when buying a property. We look out for you! Whether you are a seasoned home buyer or a first time home buyer Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is your best choice. 


Quality Inspections Rapid CityBlack Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is the most thorough inspection firm & is committed to its clients. We will not be persuaded to look the other way on important items during the inspection process. We report on what we see, the good, the bad & the ugly will be reported on. Most inspections conducted will find general maintenance items that will need ongoing attention for the lifespan of the home. Use the report as a repair guide for items that need attention. Read the whole report & do not just skim through it! We recommend not using the report to knit-pick the home apart. Knit-picking a home can & does insult the seller & you could lose the opportunity to buy a good home. Be fair & reasonable when negotiating the items listed in the report. “Highly Recommended” 

Being oversold on a property outside of your budget & needs is another sales tactic or being sold a home in a neighborhood that you do not want to live in. High-pressure sales tactics are often used on buyers & should be avoided. Another thing to avoid is being shown homes that you are not interested in & don’t suit your family’s needs or objectives. Buy a home that you can expand in, being undersold on a property for you & your family will only cause you to find another home as your needs change. If you want more space or a new feature, you can renovate.


Quality Home InspectionsNot only will a house likely be the largest purchase of your life, but it will also be where you will spend most of your time. It will be your place of refuge from a world of work and stress. It may be a place where you will start and raise a family or move your family into. You want the home to be safe & in sound condition. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC will inspect the house or commercial property you are looking at to buy theroughly as if we were going to buy it. We are committed to our client’s best interests. 



There are many things to be aware of when buying a property & buying a property can be stressful. When looking at a house don’t fall in love with it until you buy it & move in and after it has been inspected by Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC. Buying a house is a big undertaking & requires yearly maintenance & upkeep. The building items used to build a structure or a home do wear out over time & will need repairs. All homes & commercial properties need yearly maintenance done to keep it in good shape. Yearly maintenance will bring a good resale value when it comes time to sell due to your changing needs. 

Radon Testing

Radon Testing is Highly Recommend for Residential & Commercial Properties in the Black Hills area. Don’t let the cost of testing put you & your family’s health or coworkers’ health in jeopardy. The EPA says that Radon Gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Have your home tested for Radon today & be sure to ask the Inspector about RADON when purchasing a property. Rapid City, Sturgis, Lead. Deadwood, Spearfish, Custer, Hill City, Hermosa, Hot Springs, & Keystone all have had high reading of Radon & the only way to know is to test. Call Black Hills Professional Home Inspections today to have your property tested. 605-209-6766


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