Foundation & Structure Inspections

Are you having problems with your home or commercial building?
Is your contractor having problems coming up with a good solution? 


Black Hills Professional Home Inspections and Black Hills Thermal Imaging specializes in construction issues and finds solutions to correct the issues. There are many things that can cause problems to a structure and if not addressed in the proper manner and order, can cause serious structural damage and end up being costly to repair. You don’t want to wait to make the repairs. When making the repairs you have to keep in mind, “What Caused The Damage.” You have to attack the cause or source first, before making the repairs or the problems will continue and create even more costly repairs down the road.


A poor constructed home will cause problems, a poor maintained property will also cause direct damage to a home or property. The problems that rear their ugly heads will sometimes show up all at once and sometimes will appear one at a time. Finding the cause is the first step in correcting these issues that occur. You have to view the structure and the property as a system. Without knowledge of how a system works, these problems will not go away and will continue to create ongoing costly repairs. Finding the source first can save you time and money. Many times the source will be in plain sight and then there are many times where the source will be hidden from view.

We have over 35 years of experience in the construction, remodeling, plumbing, electrical and inspection fields of the building industry. With 65 professional certifications, we know where to look for any causes that your home or commercial building may be having. This is where we can help you to locate the cause! Many time the damage is repaired, but the cause was never addressed and before you know it, you are repairing the same damage once again. This can get costly. Our investigative inspections will save you money in the long run and pay for itself 10 times over. Knowledge is key to making the proper repairs.

Annual Home Maintenance

Have your home inspected annually by Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC to keep up on repairs. These type of inspections are crucial to maintaining a property or structure. A structure should be addressed as a system in order to keep up on repairs. All of the components of a structure work together as a system and when any one component is left out the cause of the issues that you are having will remain to create ongoing problems. Have your home or place of business inspected annually to keep high repair costs down.

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