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The Pros & Cons of using Slate:

Slate used in front of doors

Slate flooring is one of the most desirable types of stone flooring available today for your home or commercial building. As a quality building material, slate has many good qualities, and it has incredible durability. In flooring, it is most effective in places that will receive a lot of foot traffic or will be subject to a significant amount of moisture, in front of doors, patios, shower walls, counter tops, kitchen and bathroom floors. Slate installation takes special care and preparations to make sure it stands the test of time in beauty & durability.

Benefits of Stone & Slate Materials:

Stone flooring is extremely durable weather it is slate, granite, marble or any other natural stone. When compared to wood, linoleum, or tile, stone flooring requires less maintenance to look good and lasts longer in almost any situation. Installing stone flooring in your home will enhance any room’s beauty and add value of any property. Natural stone costs vary and can get very expensive up to $20.00 a square foot or more depending on the type you choose.

Kitchen Slate

Slate for countertops is durable, looks good and is heat resistant. Slate does take some maintenance, slate & grout needs to be sealed and we recommend sealing this stone product at least every 2 or 3 years. This will keep the stone looking good and at the same time help resist staining from water & chemicals. We recommend not using harsh chemicals, use a mild cleaning solution or just soap & water.

Slate & Stone Flooring:

Kitchen Slate

High Quality Slate flooring has many good characteristics & it is naturally slip and stain resistant. Though lower quality slate can in some cases be subject to stains & flaking. High-end slate will remain non-porous and stain resistant for the life of a house or its intended use. Slate and other stone flooring are resistant to fire as well as water. Building with natural stone is a good way to make your home safer for your family & guests. Slate flooring is also very easy to care for, other than regular sweeping and mopping with mild detergent, a slate floor will require close to no maintenance. 

Slate uses

The difficulty of slate flooring installation can vary depending on the cut & quality of stone you want to install. Some slate is smooth while some has somewhat of a rough surface. Depending where the slate originated form and the mining techniques used the tiles can slightly vary in thickness. Some slate floors are installed in much the same way as ceramic tile. Other flooring materials require a more involved installation & labor cost. Slate can also be mixed with other stone products for a unique design, look or use: such as granite cutting boards.

Stone Countertops

Slate or Stone Flooring Cons:Though slate can take a significant amount of impact & abuse, it is possible to crack or chip slate. These occurrences are rare but slate can be damaged. We recommend buying extra slate for any future needed repairs. If you buy more than you need at the time you purchase the slate, you will have the same color variation from the same part of the mine. Different parts of the mine have different colors & patterns. 

Slate Mining

Slate comes in a variety different colors, but the variety you have to choose from is far less than that of other types of flooring products. The color variation comes from the various minerals that are naturally present in the area where the slate was mined. Some companies may not keep slate mined in one area separate from that mined in another area, which creates a floor that contains many different colors. Those concerned with pattern & color changes should ask if the slate you purchase will all come from the same area of the mine.

The biggest drawback of slate flooring for most people is the high price & installation cost. Slate is one of the most expensive flooring materials out there on the market but purchasing good quality slate is costly. Its performance is without a doubt a worthy investment into your home or commercial property.

Rough Slate

Just like any other building material, Slate does have different grades of quality, styles, colors & sizes. The finest quality of slate is found underground and must be mined, mined slate does cost more. Lower quality slate is located on the ground’s surface & it costs less because it is less expensive to produce. Surface slate has been subjected to mother nature’s elements for hundreds to thousands of years. This kind of weathering makes it porous building material and is flawed, therefore surface slate is a less desirable material for indoor construction projects. Surface slate is typically used on fireplaces and used for outdoor use.


When it comes to Wood Stairs, we Highly Recommend installing a carpet runner for safety reasons. Wood floors can be very slippery and people have been known to slip and fall down stairs. When installing wood floors we recommend installing a quality wood product and depending on the different types of wood species used this type of flooring can also get expensive. Flooring products come in all types, shapes, sizes & cost. Consider the use & abuse the floor will be receiving when choosing a flooring material.

When buying flooring or any other building product, “Always Buy Mid-grade to upper end products! 

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January 13, 2019