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New construction doesn’t mean perfect:
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 Over-Site Inspections & Quality Control:

Catch potential major issues early before they turn into big problems down the road. Homes are hand-built, and mistakes are going to be made during construction on many projects in our area. Homes are being built fast to keep up with demand and with timelines set in place and cost restraints there is going to be overlooked items during any construction project. A brand-new home doesn’t necessarily mean it will be well built, new doesn’t guarantee a good finished product. Houses are built by people that make mistakes. Not all homes or commercial structures are built to the same standards by each contractor in our area & when you buy a new constructed home without an inspection, you’re placing yourself at the mercy of the contractor or subcontractors that built it.

Quality Control:

More often than not, problems with a new construction occur through circumstance or human error and improper construction methods & some have malicious intent by selling you one thing and building something else and pocket the difference. Not all builders are created equal just like all Inspectors are not created equal. That is why you need to have the best inspector in the area conduct a new construction inspection during the construction process. There are many varying levels of construction experience from experienced builders to contractor’s that shouldn’t be allowed to even own a tool. Protect your investment. 

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Brand new structures can turn out to be an absolute nightmare and turn into a money pit, despite looking perfectly fine on the surface. Some issues, such as improperly installed roofing systems or improper grading, or poorly installed windows & doors. Many of these items will not become visibly apparent until after the warranty has expired and then you are stuck with the cost to make those necessary repairs. We will do our best to oversee your project and keep faulty construction practices at bay. 



Protect Your Investment & Family: Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC has designed a custom inspection service that provides new construction Over-Site© on newly constructed homes or commercial properties. We provide the best inspection service for all of Western South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska & North Dakota residents. Our custom designed inspection service was designed to keep your investment on track and make sure it is build the best it can be and most of all, so you get what you paid for and deserve. Over-Site Inspections© Make sure your newly constructed home or investment property isn’t hiding any serious problems that may be lurking. Custom Over-Site© Inspections by Black Hills Professional Home Inspections will help keep many overlooked problems at bay. Schedule a new construction inspection.

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