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Homes in the Black HillsWhen it comes to Luxury Homes, we are the Luxury Home Inspection Company you are looking for!  When it is time for your inspection we are on a mission to present to you the best Home Inspection for the money. Our services in the Black Hills and Rapid City cannot be matched. Don’t be mislead into a poor quality or cheap inspection on your investment. Luxury Homes take a special inspector so you know what you are buying. Call us today for a quality inspection for your quality home.

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All homes are special to the homebuyer and should always be inspected before you buy them. There are many things that need to be inspected in a home and a low-cost inspection usually leads to overlooked items. We will provide you with a quality inspection and report. Our equipment and knowledge will guarantee you peace of mind when investing your hard-earned money. You took the time and effort into looking for that right property to call home and you should also take the time to find the right inspector!

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We have 271 five star reviews with great information for the homebuyer from homebuyers just like you! Please take the time to read our REVIEWS !! Custom Homes need a custom inspector that knows what to look for. Every home has unique features and should be inspected! We highly recommend that you use an independent inspector that will look out for you at all times. We will do just that, you are top priority!

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We offer quality inspections throughout the Black Hills Area and in Rapid City, South Dakota. We are the independent high-quality inspection service you need. In the inspection industry, we are the professionals that will work to bring you the finest inspection available for any luxury property, Supplying you with the highest quality of service.


The inspector with Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is constantly improving our services and education in order to stay on top of the industry changes and provide the best client experience possible. The best thing you can do is, do your research on your inspector just as you did looking for the right home.

5 Gold StarsWe are the only 5 star rated inspection firm in the Black Hills area. Have the best inspector on your side when buying a property to call home for you and your family. Your safety is our #1 top priority followed by looking out for you and your investment. Call us today at 209-6766 and get the best inspection that your money can buy. You will be glad you did and you will be apart of our happy family of customers. Our clients are #1

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