All kinds of problems are found during a Quality Home Inspection. Many of these issues will not be found when you pay for the cheapest inspector. Many of these items will be overlooked by a cheaper recommended Home Inspector. Out of state investors can count on us to provide you with a total overall inspection and report. Our reports for out of state investors go way beyond a typical inspection of the property you are looking at. We can view properties on your behalf & provide reports about the neighborhood, surrounding properties, property surveys and inspections.

Here are a few common issues:

The money you saved on a cheap home or property inspection offered to you can cost you Thousands more than that $100.00 to $150.00 they saved you! It is highly recommended that you use an Independent Home Inspector for your inspection. Protect your investment with a quality inspection.
You only get one chance at an inspection, make it count!

We pride ourselves on quality and helping our clients. You as a person and your investment is our top priority with safety concerns always at the forefront.


Our Inspections Pay for Themselves

Rapid City, National Relocation Property Inspector.

Rapid City National Relocation Inspector