Are you getting ready to get a home inspection?

Are you getting ready to buy a home?

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A home inspection isn’t just about identifying problems with the house. A thorough inspector considers the appointment a master class in your new home. “We want to teach our clients how to maintain the property, because “it’s the biggest investment you will most likely make in your lifetime.” 5 mistakes buyers and sellers make with home inspections and should be aware of.


Here are the 5 mistakes to avoid.

  1. Not researching your inspector.
  2. Not attending the inspection.
  3. Not reading the inspection report.
  4. Not getting a pre-sale inspection.
  5. Not prepping the home.


Too many buyers and sellers take whatever name is recommended without doing research. The inspection is only as good as the inspector doing it. This could be the biggest mistake you can make. You’re looking for an inspector who can analyze the home’s strengths and weaknesses and then be able to explain them to you.

Contractor Experience

  • What are their qualifications, certifications and training?
  • What was their job before they were a home inspector?
  • Does most of your work come from realtor referrals?




Attendance may not be mandatory, but it’s a good idea. Just reading that inspection report isn’t enough for most homeowners to get the full picture, “If you don’t see it, they don’t understand it.” If your inspector doesn’t want you there for the inspection find another one. A good inspector will sit with you after the inspection to explain things and answer questions.


Too many buyers and sellers just glance at the inspection report, Please read your inspection report and then give us a call before you pass it on to anyone. You need someone who uses “clear, concise” language that anyone can understand. The reports should be clearly laid out and easy to read.

Many sellers elect to leave the pre-sale inspection to the buyers inspection. “But that’s a mistake.” When the buyers get an inspection (and if they’re smart, they will), the sellers will have little time to complete repairs and keep the sale on track. This poor decision will slow down the sale. But if sellers have the home inspected before putting it on the market, they have more time to get repairs done without all of the stress and pressure that is put on them at the last minute.


Both buyers and sellers often wait too long to engage an inspector, You should find an inspector long before you start looking at a home to buy or make an offer on a home. A good inspector will make you aware of things to look out for while you are out there looking for your dream home. Do your homework and find a good inspector before you even step foot in a realtors office. Some buyers and sellers will wait for the second-to-last day before they even call, bad bad idea!

For homeowners, inspections “are invasive. For a seller, the best tack is to be at home to meet the inspector, introduce yourself, provide your cell number to the inspector and then you can take off and go do some errands or some shopping. If you have a lock on a utility closet, basement or shed? The inspector needs access, so please open it or provide keys.

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To reduce the need for repeat inspections, hire professionals to do the necessary repairs, too many times, when faced with a list of needed repairs, a seller will DIY or try to get them done cheap. But that shows up during the re-inspection and could mean another round of repairs and a 3rd or 4th inspection. Have the repairs done by a professional and hire a professional home inspector! You want a certified professional who stays current in their field. “There’s a lot of stuff you have to know, and you want someone who’s keeping up with ongoing education.

All kinds of problems can be found during a Quality Home Inspection. Many of these issues will not be found when you pay for the cheapest inspector. Many of these items will be overlooked by a cheaper realtor pushed or recommended Home Inspector. If you think your realtor is saving you money by finding the cheapest inspector, think again! This is just what they want you to do. This is another trap to keep your eyes open for!

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The money you saved on a cheap home or property inspection offered to you can cost you Thousands more than that $100.00 to $150.00 they saved you! It is highly recommended that you use an Independent Home Inspector for your inspection. Protect your investment with a quality inspection. You only get one chance at an inspection, make it count! We pride ourselves on quality and helping our clients. You as a person and your investment is our top priority with safety concerns always at the forefront.


When it comes time for an Inspection for your new home, it is not a good time to be price shopping. Your home is one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. Don’t make the biggest mistake by having the cheapest home inspector that you can find. You want to know everything you can about that home that you and your family are going to move into. Don’t burden yourself and your family down by buying the wrong home because of overlooked important items about the home. Make the right choice for you and your family.

Overlooked foundation: $20,000.00 to $30,000.00 or more!
Overlooked roof: $6,000.00 and up.
Overlooked heating system: $4,000.00 and up.
Overlooked attic: Could cost you a total roof replacement of $10,000.00 or more!
Overlooked crawlspace: $10,000.00 to $40,000.00 or more!

These overlooked items could even cost you your home and your credit you have worked so hard for! As you can see, price shopping could cost you way more that that little bit of money that you saved. We have helped thousands of people from falling into this trap. All of our customers are happy with the thoroughness of our inspections and our quality reporting.

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In State or out of state investors can count on us to provide you with a total overall inspection and report. Our reports for out of state investors go way beyond a typical inspection of the property you are looking at. We can view properties on your behalf & provide reports about the neighborhood, surrounding properties, property surveys and inspections. We will provide you with Quality service and an inspection you can rely on.

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