Are you setting up a Family Trust?
Do you have a family trust set up for you?

Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC provides Family Trust Inspections and Property Consulting for any property that may be in question. This kind of service will help you to evaluate a property’s condition in order to help determine what things may need to be done and assist in a property evaluation, assessment or an appraisal. We also provide annual services in order to inform you of the properties condition if you live outside of South Dakota.

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In many cases this type of service can help you determine what is going to be in your Family Trust and the way you may divide up your assets to be handed down to any of your Family members or assist you in making out your will. In most cases you want to divide up your assets fairly to everyone involved in your decision making process. The condition of any property can either benefit or possibly hurt the one you are giving the property to.  You would not want to give a property that is in bad shape to one of your family members if it is going to send them in debt. Let us help you to determine what the properties condition is in.

A family trust is a relatively easy document to prepare and account for, particularly with the help of an estate planning attorney.  Transferring asset ownership to the trust is an easy task.  The ability to amend and adjust the terms at any time makes it a very versatile vehicle. We can assist your Lawyer in determining what should be given out and to whom it will be given to as part of a proper estate planning process.

Why are living trusts are so popular? You want to make sure your property goes to the right people, at the right time and at the least cost. A living trust can do all this. Living trusts helps you manage and distribute your property efficiently without court interference.

How to set up a family trust:



A house is often the most valuable asset, or one of the most valuable assets, of an Estate.  A house can also pose some of the most significant challenges to someone handling the Estate of a loved one who has passed away.  That chore is made easier by making good use of professionals, including attorneys and get a quality property consultant inspection service to help. This service we provide will help you understand what the property’s condition is in before any transfer of the property. You don’t want to burden anyone down by leaving them a home in poor condition that could hurt them financially. We can help you make that determination in a helpful way. Over the years we have saw where the intentions were good but the home’s condition hurt the person receiving the property financially, with all of the repairs needed that they cannot afford.

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