Distressed homes come in all shapes and sizes and many times are foreclosed homes that have been on the market for a long time. These homes take longer to inspect and many problems can be found and costs will vary to have a troubled home inspected. Often times troubled homes are bought for a flipper house. These types of homes need an inspector that knows what they are looking at. Even seasoned house flippers make the mistake in not getting the home inspected thoroughly by a quality inspector and your good deal can turn into a bad deal FAST!


There are many items in a distressed home or any home for that mater, that need to be inspected. You need to know what you are looking at to help insure you don’t buy the wrong home, either to live in or flp to make money. Many times a distressed home can be turned into a nicely restored home to either live in or make some money on, if you know what you are buying from the start. If items are not caught, your profit will be gone in a hurry and ending up costing you money!

Attic wiring

Wiring issues are often found in older homes and cause safety issues if not caught during an inspection. Have an inspector that will look for these issues and report on them. Wiring is one of the most important items in a home and should not be overlooked. Some of these issues may be hidden in walls and under insulation. If restoring an old home you need to repair any and all electrical problems. Upgrading the electrical system may be needed and recommended.




Lead paint can be present on or in an old home, if not disturbed lead paint is fine. Paint over the old paint and seal it with newer paint. When you start cutting and sanding is when the lead paint becomes hazardous. Lead paint should be professionally removed during any remodel job.

Any contractor you hire must be certified in lead paint removal. The areas must be sealed off and the area thoroughly cleaned after any renovation. Keep kids and dogs out of the area when renovating. At the end of each day, the areas have to be cleaned and all messes cleaned up. Lead paint can be manageable when the proper methods are used during your remodeling an older home.

Block wall leak

Foundations are often times an issue that can cause thousands of dollars in repairs if overlooked. Many times the foundation leaks due to poor drainage around the home.  Lot grading can have a huge impact on the foundation and cause severe damage to the home. The sources of water need to be identified by a professional and then corrected first. The surrounding homes may even be causing you issues. If you’re having foundation problems, give us a call 209-6766. 





We inspect distressed homes for clients looking to buy a home to fix up and put back on the market or to live in. Overlooked items in a distressed home or a foreclosed home could send you into debt real fast. Have the home inspected!


Foundation & Structure Inspections

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