Why You Should Stay Away from Knock-Off Chargers:

There have been countless reports of fire hazards, house fires and even deaths due to fake chargers. It’s gotten so bad that Apple has an official program to replace fake chargers to try and prevent further property damage and claims. Not buying knock-off chargers might seem like general knowledge but you’d be surprised at how many people use them. Why would you want to play with fire over $20.00!
Cheap Chargers Cut Corners:
When an official iPhone charger costs $20 and a fake one costs $1.00-$10.00, there’s clearly something wrong going on. Apple is known to charge a ridiculous premium for their products, and no it didn’t take them nearly as much to manufacture it, but I think in the grand scheme of things, paying that $20 is not a bad idea at all.How to Spot a Knock-Off Charger:
Apple chargers usually have the words “Designed in California” etched on the back of the charger, by the plugs. You can also try verifying the product code before buying. The biggest giveaway of course will be the cheap price tag.Here is an online certification check for electrical equipment:

Inspect your phone chargers daily for any overheating or burn marks.

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