Black Hills Professional Home Inspections offers a quality home inspection to the Bison, South Dakota area. The American bison or buffalo (Bison bison), is the largest mammal on the North American continent. This magnificent creature is a member of the cow family.  Bison initially made their way to America by crossing the ancient land bridge that once connected Asia with North America. Bison is located in Northern South Dakota.

Population: 333
Founded in 1907
Bison is the 148th largest City

The first meeting to discuss organizing a telephone company in Bison was held on July 31, 1950. The next couple of years were spent trying to get area residents to sign up for the telephone service to make the system feasible.

If not for the foresight of a few individuals including Theodore Roosevelt, the American bison could have become extinct. Warnings and attempts to protect the bison came as early as 1776, but it was not until 1894 that the first federal legislation protecting these animals was enacted. Killing of bison became punishable by a $1000.00 fine or imprisonment, and the law was strictly enforced.


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