Contact us today for the best quality home inspection in the Belle Fourche, SD areas! Belle Fourche, French for “beautiful fork”, was named by French explorers coming from New France, referring to the confluence of what is now known as the Belle Fourche and Redwater Rivers and the Hay Creek. Beaver trappers worked these rivers until the mid-19th century, and Belle Fourche became a well known fur trading rendezvous point. During and after the gold rush of 1876, farmers and ranchers alike settled in the fertile valleys, growing food for the miners and their work animals.

Population: 5,594
Founded in 1903
Belle Fourche City is the 17th largest City

By 1895, Belle Fourche was shipping 2,500 carloads of cattle per month in the peak season, making it the world’s largest livestock-shipping point. This was the start of the agriculture center of the Tri-State area for which Belle Fourche would become known. Today, Belle Fourche relies on Black Hills Professional Home Inspections for all their inspection needs. Black Hills Thermal Imaging is the leader in thermal imaging. Inspect with quality!



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