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Building your dream home is exciting and there’s a good chance that you have spent several years thinking about and working on what your new home would look like and the best place to build it for you and your family’s needs. There are so many reasons to have an inspection on the property that you are looking to purchase new or old. It is also important to have a good relationship and a strong communication effort with your contractor that will be building your new home. The contractor’s team will be the team that will help make your dream home a reality.

New Home

11 Month Builder’s Warranty Inspection

You typically get a 1 year warranty from your contractor with your new home. If you start having problems with your new home, you need to start a log and document the problems, write down the dates and document each and every time you try or have contacted your contractor about the problems found. If you are having problems with your contractor not returning your calls or they are ignoring you,

You need to contact Black Hills Professional Home Inspections 209-6766We can help you to get the ball rolling. We have ways to get them to respond to your concerns about the issues that you are having with your new home. Many times the good contractors will address your concerns and work with you. The others will ignore you and your concerns and wait until your warranty runs out and you are stuck with the problems and the costs to repair these items. Some items you find will be normal things that will happen with a new home and others are defects caused by poor craftsmanship.

We offer an 11 Month Warranty Inspection to Rapid City and the surrounding areas. This type of inspection is to inspect your new home and document the problems found and also put all the issues found with pictures into a report to give to your contractor. Do not ignore these issues too long! Never forgo a Home Inspection. Many times you will be talked out of an inspection and be told, “You don’t need one because the home is new”. That is the Best reason to get one! All homes have problems new or old.



Over-Site Inspection© 

Your best bet is to hire Black Hills Professional Home Inspections to oversee the construction process as your new home is being built. This can stop poor craftsmanship in it’s tracks. Quality control is the best way to make sure the home is built as good as it can be to keep your home safe for you and your family. A well built home will take less maintenance and keep your home running smoothly for years to come. All homes will move over time in our area and some changes will occur after you have moved in. Some of these issues are not serious and will require general maintenance over the lifespan of the home. Some of these issues can cause major problems to the home if not addressed right away. Many issues can be corrected during the construction of your new home and help prevent many of them from occurring and cost a lot less to fix.

Sometimes it is just a simple oversight by the builder. “Everyone Has a Bad Day.”  Sometimes after subcontractors have done their job there are no quality control inspections done by the builder. This is where we step in to make sure the contractor is aware of any issues found by us. We present these issues to the contractor so they don’t get overlooked and get repaired before they are hidden or left to cause the home problems in the future. Quality control is the best way to get what you pay for when building your new home.

We do these types of inspections for Rapid City residents and the Black Hills Area residents and for out of State Investors.
This is to insure that things are not being overlooked and shortcuts are put at bay.

Over-Site Inspections


Carefully screen your contractors:
To ensure great customer service and high-quality home you need to be aware of the good builders and the ones that are in it for a quick buck. Some like to use poor quality building supplies and overlook quality control that will create problems with your home down the road. Use quality building products to help keep maintenance and repairs at bay. Using poor quality building products will cost you way more than the money you saved. Home Inspections work in the same manner.  There are many things you can save money on but your home’s most important items should not be one of them. This will help keep your home and it’s components in good working condition for years to come.

Always get a Quality Home Inspection after the home is built to make sure there are no major problems before you move in.


Know What You Want inside and out:
When it comes to building your dream home, there are a lot of decisions to make and things to take into consideration. Being the homeowner,  you will need to be involved and be ready to make those decisions in a timely manner. This will help keep the project on schedule and keep things  running smoothly without creating extra costs and delays. Know what you want!


Change Orders Can Be Costly:
When you have settled on the design and finishes for your new home, it’s time to stay clear of HGTV, Facebook, Houzz and all of the other places when you have your ideas saved. There will always be a cool new product or a fun project going viral, but bringing that to your contractor once the work is started and the supplies are ordered is costly. Change orders can significantly increase the cost and delay when the home will be completed.
Just know that in the end it will cost you.

We offer a wide variety of inspections to the public and contractors. The services we provide are not offered by any other inspection company.
Remember, you only get to have one inspection, make it count!

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