Call us for a quality and best house inspection in the Spearfish, SD area! Spearfish is known as the “Queen City”, Spearfish is surrounded by three prominent mountain peaks – Lookout Mountain, Spearfish Mountain, and Crow Peak which form a “crown” circling the City.

Population: 10,494
Founded in 1888
Spearfish is the 11th largest city in South Dakota

Spearfish derived its name from Native Americans and fur traders or trappers in the early 1800’s who considered the clear and tumbling stream through the canyon a good place to spear fish.

In 1877, the first store was opened along with a United States Post Office. The Spearfish Normal School, now known as Black Hills State University was established in 1883. In 1893, a railroad was built through Spearfish Canyon. This route soon became an outstanding scenic attraction of the Black Hills and a roadway replaced the railroad through Spearfish Canyon.



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