Recommended Referrals List

South Dakota Code of Ethics

This list contains contains Professionals that I would personally recommend to my clients.
As you can see there are very few on this recommended list.
This list will remain short to maintain quality control.

We are not in the referral business and we have no financial gain in the suggested businesses. These are people that I have saw their work and would trust them. We are not responsible in any way for the work they may provide. But if anything does arise where there may be any disputes in the services they provide to you, I will be right there for you as my clients to help make things right. I know how hard it is to be able to locate the right service providers. This list may grow as Professional service providers are proven to give nothing but the best service to my clients. Some providers may even be taken off this list as time goes on.


Referrals List


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Our Clients Come First!

All work should be ran thru Black Hills Professional Home Inspections to maintain quality control. We can monitor the services if you would like us to. If you use our services to monitor your project we can control the outcome so you are happy with the providers and won’t have to worry about receiving a poor quality service. Remember that this list is short for a reason. If you want us to monitor the projects, we will make sure you are provided with quality. Let them know you found them on this website.




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