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Black Hills Thermal Imaging located in Rapid City, SD is ready to serve you! There are many uses for thermal imaging in the Black Hills from Residential Home and Commercial Building industry and many other uses that are helpful. Locating the areas that are in need of the most attention, can make your home or business more comfortable and save you money on your utility bills. Call Today to start saving money!


Building Thermal Imaging Uses:

  • Energy Loss locating
  • Construction Issues
  • Locate bad windows and doors
  • Locate air leaks around the home
  • Renovation Improvements
  • Electrical Issues
  • Water Leaks
  • Plumbing Issues
  • Ductwork leaks
  • Roof Leaks that you can’t see
  • Foundation Problems

The main uses in the home are for air leaks and to help locate those areas fast! By being able to see these problems will also help you to attack those problem areas without the guess work. Put your money where it is needed the most. Building materials are on the rise and are expensive; place those materials where they are needed. This will also help you save money during any renovation projects.

There is more to Thermal Imaging than just pretty pictures.

Professional Training and knowledge about Infrared is a must. A Professional Thermographer will know how to read the images that the camera produces. Anyone who has not have had training can and will send you on a wild goose chase trying to find what you need to know.


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We are the most qualified and Certified Thermographer in the Black Hills Area. Low cost cameras without proper training will produce false readings. We use and have the best camera in Rapid City and all of the Black Hills areas. Thermal Imaging is beneficial to everyone and our way of life.

Call Today for more information on ways you can save money on your energy consumption.


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We serve all of Western South Dakota with Thermal Imaging Services. 

We can help you locate your problem areas in your home that are costing you money. Start saving on your utility bills by having your home evaluated by Black Hills Thermal Imaging and Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC. There are many things you can do today to start saving money. Thermal Imaging is fast at targeting those troubled spots in your home or commercial property. Go green in 2016!

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