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Most people are not being told about RADON when buying a home. Radon is everywhere in the Rapid City area and all over the Black Hills. Home buyers need to be aware of this cancer causing gas that is naturally released from the earth into homes all across the USA and in all 50 states and around the world. Have your home tested, your life could depend on it! This page is to inform you about radon. All homes should be tested.

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Many are putting people’s health in jeopardy by not informing home buyer’s about Radon in the Black Hills.  Most in the Real Estate  business in the Black Hills know this danger exists and do not want you to know about it. We find this to be very dishonest, unethical and a huge disservice to the general public by putting you and your families life in danger, all for just a few dollars. Most know about this problem in the Black Hills and is one of the last things they want you to know about! This page is to inform you about radon. Consider having your home tested, highly recommended!

Have a Qualified Radon Testing Inspector inspect your home for RADON.

Radon can be removed from a home or brought down to acceptable levels, for about $1000.00 to $1800.00. Many inspectors in the Black Hills do not offer the testing, due to the fact that it upsets individuals in the business and they won’t get any referrals for future inspections. Black Hills residents need to know about radon and should be informed about RADON and the effects it can have on you and your families health. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections offers Radon Testing to our clients. A proper home inspection should include a Radon Test of the home you are looking at.

Radon Testing

Keep in mind, not everyone will get cancer from radon exposure in a home but the chances are high. Kids and smokers are most vulnerable to radon. Small children’s lungs are in the development stage and their lungs can be compromised to the exposure of radon in a home. Radon will stick to smoke particles when inhaled into the lungs and the cancer process can begin. Over time if not caught in time, can and does cause death.  EPA Information HAVE YOUR HOME TESTED!

Don’t chance your families health and your own over the cost of testing. If anyone downplays the reality of RADON, could lead to serious health issues. Don’t be a victim of RADON due to the lack of information about testing your home. Most often times a homebuyer will not be told about RADON when buying a home because the sale of the home may be delayed by a few days and the small amount of money that may be lost in the commission of the sale of the home.

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Have an Ethical Home Inspector on your side that will look out for you and your family’s health and always keeps your best interest in mind at all times. We are here to help protect and inform the public about the home buying process. Don’t chance your health and your investment to a low cost inspection. The information on this website will not be found anywhere else or on any other Home Inspection website. Inspect with quality and integrity. Testing for radon starts at $150.00 + State sales tax / Depending on location and the size of the home.

Radon Testing In Black Hills, SD

We can provide information on simple ways to keep radon out of a home.

Have your homes Certified by us “Certified Radon Free Homes
Radon can be prevented with a cheap fix while building a home for about $200.00 to 300.00
This low cost added to the project can save the delay of radon mitigation and a quicker sale of the home
In Radon Affected areas.

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