Your #1 House Inspector in the Piedmont, SD area! Contact us today to set up an appointment! Piedmont was founded in 1890 and remained unincorporated for nearly 117 years.  It officially became a city August 16, 2007, and elected its first town board in November 2007. The area was first inhabited in the mid-1870s. For yesterdays and todays homes, Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is the home inspector you’re looking for to inspect your home or business.

Population: 222
Founded in 1890
Piedmont is the 153d largest City

Piedmont takes its name from a French word meaning “the foot of the mountain,” because it lies on the eastern slope of the Black Hills. Piedmont has numerous small businesses in tourism, transportation, and construction. Black Hills Professional Home Inspections and Black Hills Thermal Imaging provide the best inspections to the Piedmont area.


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