Lead First settled in 1876, and incorporated in 1877, the City of Lead is a sparkling jewel nestled in the Northern Black Hills of South Dakota. Long the home of the great Homestake Mining Company, Lead boasts small town charm with large potential. There are many old homes in Lead and you should get them inspected by a professional home inspector. Very old homes need the best inspector that you can find in the Black Hills, Call Black Hills Professional Home Inspections for all older and newer homes in Lead,SD.

Population 3,124
Founded in 1877
Lead is the 23d largest City

The City of Lead was once the home for thousands of Homestake employees and their families and the town that they built has remained unchanged in many ways. The Homestake Mine has now been shut down but the Sanford Underground Laboratory at Homestake is in full development and promises a lively future for the community. We have inspected many homes from the 1800’s.


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