Providing the best Commercial & Home Inspections in the Keystone, SD area! In 1883, the Harney Peak Hydraulic Gold Mining Company was organized to employ hydraulic mining methods to reach the deep gravel beds. This was done on a gigantic scale. In 1891, William B. Franklin, Thomas C. Blair and Jacob Reed located the Keystone Mine and named the new community which emerged after the mine.

Population: 340
Founded in 1891
Keystone is the 146th largest City

The carving of Mount Rushmore commenced in 1927, annually employing an average of 25 to 30 men until its completion in 1941. The initial work was seasonal but was attractive to the Keystone miners because the wages were considerably higher than the mines were paying and sometimes it was the only work available during the Depression. Make sure you call Black Hills Professional Home Inspections for all your inspection needs.


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