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Congratulations on your new home purchase! Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC is Rapid City’s Custom Inspection Service leader and we hold ourselves to a strict code of ethics for all of our clients at all times. A home or a commercial inspection is thorough examination of the house or commercial structure, much like a doctor examines a patient. The main purpose of the inspection is to illustrate the overall health and condition of the property and what repairs may be needed. There is not a pass or fail but rather problems found and the overall condition. When looking at a home or place of business, take your time and don’t rush into it, have the property thoroughly assessed and inspected by the most trusted choice of inspection firms. 

The inspector holds 68 certifications and 30+ years in the remodeling, construction, plumbing, electrical & property maintenance industries and knows what to look for. All Inspectors are not created equal, have someone on your side when purchasing a property. An Inspection is vital to help you make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a Home, Commercial or Investment property, we are dedicated to our clients, not the sale of the property. This gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best inspection possible in Rapid City or anywhere in the Black Hills area, our inspections pay for themselves every time. At Black Hills Professional Home Inspections llc, Our customers concerns and safety are top priority! Give Black Hills Professional Home Inspections LLC a call for a Quality commercial property or home inspection.   605-209-6766

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Black Hills Drone Services

Custom Aerial Photography & Video

Our pilot at Black Hills Drone Services holds a FAA Part 107 Drone Operators License and adheres to all of the FAA rules and regulations before & during flights. Black Hills Drone Services provides quality aerial photography and high resolution videos to our clients. Custom aerial footage and services are all customized to fit your needs. Our equipment to conduct these services for our clients is the best in the state of South Dakota and anywhere in the Black Hills area. When it comes to getting the best pictures and video of structures have an inspector that works in the field who knows what to look for and can capture what you need for the best results. Quality services and customer service is job #1.

We are a specialized firm that provides services that can’t be found anywhere else. Certain projects may take extra time to accomplish due to flight restrictions and regulations from the FAA. The FAA is slow in responding to waivers and clearance procedures so plan ahead, so the pilot can file for the proper clearance to get the job done in a timely manner. Weather plays a big part in our operations due to the high end equipment we use and can affect the project’s timeline with delays. Check out the services button to find the service you are looking for and areas of operation. We look forward to working with you, Call us today to find out more 605-209-6766

There are people who are doing aerial photography & videos and selling them to professionals without a sUAS Pilots license. If you are using this type of service to conduct your business for a profit the service provider must obtain a FAA part 107 sUAS pilots license. The FAA is handing out fines up to $25,000.00  and can make you take down the footage anywhere on the internet that you paid for. It is not worth capturing what you need illegally & we highly advise that you find and use a registered & licensed drone pilot to conduct these services for you. The little bit you think you maybe saving by not using a licensed & certified pilot can cost you thousands more than you planned on. Don’t take the risk and do it legally and ask to see their license. Make your competitors envious of the services that you provide to your clients and give us a call to see how we can help you with your state of the art needs. 


Our drone pilot at Black Hills Drone Services is certified and licensed through the FAA and the DOT of South Dakota. Mr. Banks is a highly qualified licensed pilot to provide you with the services you need and the aerial photography & videos you want. We provide the most Professional drone pilot services in South Dakota and anywhere in the Black Hills area. Black Hills Drone Services is Rapid City’s Aerial Photography & Video Professional and the leader in Custom Inspection Services. Give us a call today to see how we can help you achieve and capture the videos & photographs you need legally. 605-209-6766

Part 107 Certified & Licensed Drone Pilot
(FAA) Federal Aviation Administration  Licensed & Approved
(DOT) South Dakota Department Of Transportation  Licensed & Approved

Black Hills Thermal Imaging

Black Hills Thermal Imaging located in Rapid City, South Dakota is ready to serve you! There are many uses for thermal imaging in the Black Hills from Residential Home and Commercial Building industry and many other uses that are helpful. Locating the areas that are in need of the most attention, can make your home or business more comfortable and save you money on your utility bills.

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The main uses in the home are for air leaks and to help locate those areas fast! By being able to see these problems will also help you to attack those problem areas without the guesswork. Put your money where it is needed the most. Building materials are on the rise and are expensive; place those materials where they are needed to keep your home or place of business more comfortable while lowering your utility bills at the same time. This will also help you save money during any renovation projects.


Building Thermal Imaging Uses:

  • Energy Loss locating
  • Construction Issues
  • Locate bad windows and doors
  • Locate air leaks around the home
  • Renovation Improvements
  • Electrical Issues
  • and more!

We don’t just dabble in thermal imaging, we are leading the way!

We are the most qualified and Certified Thermographer in the Black Hills Area. Low cost cameras without proper training will produce false readings. We use and have the best camera in Rapid City and all of the Black Hills area that produces Crystal Clear results. Thermal Imaging is beneficial to everyone and our way of life, See the difference with our cameras video and pictures. 

We guarantee the best Services to the public in Rapid City and all of the Surrounding Black Hills Areas. We are on your side when it comes to looking at a new home or property, you and your family’s safety is top priority. We are totally independent from any Real Estate office and have no financial gain of the sale of the property you are looking at, this provides you with an honest & total assessment of the property, without overlooked items. We work for You!

Soft Inspectors
That offer a cheap inspection will provide you a report with vital overlooked items and the report does nothing for you, this biggest mistake could cost you thousands more than you planned on in the end. 
Beware of the tricks and traps being used in today’s real estate sales market. You didn’t take shortcuts to get this far and your only chance at a quality inspection should be top priority in buying a property. 

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“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” Have it done right, the first time. Don’t chance your only inspection searching for a low cost inspector. We are leading the way with integrity and the Highest Standard of a Code of Ethics. We will not offer a poor service just to offer you a low price. Our services & customer service can’t be matched.

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