Home Insurance Claims:
If you call your insurance adjuster to come look at your house it counts as a claim, even if you don’t have one or have any damage.  It is cheaper to have Black Hills Professional Home Inspections to come look at it first. We will take pictures and place them in a report with all the problems we found. This way you will know before you call. If you get denied a claim you will have it all documented. Then supply your Insurance Company with the report by certified mail. Things will get done! We have helped many customers get claims submitted and processed without any further hassle. Keep your insurance claims down and keep your rates down. If you have been denied an insurance claim, give us a call.


Free Repair Inspections offered by Contractors:

Our repair inspections are different than that of contractors that offer a free inspection. We don’t have any intensive or any financial gain in the repair costs. Our exterior inspections are nonbias and will give you an exact condition report about your home. This can help you keep all the contractors that you hire honest about the repairs needed on your home. Many times the job may be over exaggerated and you may be told you need something replaced, when you really don’t. DON’T GET OVERCHARGED!
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Make sure you know what you are covered for and what is not included in your policy.
Not knowing these facts could leave you holding the bill.


Look For These Main Items When Buying Insurance:

Stored Items in the home,
Personal Items, Guns, Jewelry, Furniture, Antiques
Fire, Hail, Wind Damage, Snow Damage,
Accidents, Dog bites
Roof, Siding, Deck, Windows, Doors, Leaks
Broken water pipes, Flood, Water Damage,
Electrical Fires, Smoke Damage,

Garage & Items in the Garage, Detached or Attached,
Automobiles in the garage or not in the garage.
Boats, Atv’s, Motorcycles, Mowers, Tools,





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