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Our home inspection reports are set up to cut through the clutter, are easy to read and easy to understand. We have cut out the filler and clutter that is found in most home inspection reports. Our home inspection reports can be as few as 18 pages. Many inspector’s reports are filled with clutter and hard to read and up to 36 pages long. When going through our reports keep in mind that a home inspection should not be used for price negotiations, but rather to inform you of the overall condition of the home. You cannot expect a seller to repair everything wrong with a home. Most everything in our reports are general maintenance and many items listed, you will have to maintain these items every year. These items are “General Maintenance“. All homes have problems new or old. PLEASE Read the report!


The “Safety Issues” listed in the report are the issues that you need to be concerned about the most. These items are the ones you should bring up to have repaired or negotiated to have repaired. Keep in mind the home is used.

Now on the other hand, if the home is new, it would be reasonable for you to request to have any and all items repaired or replaced. You should get an 11 Month Warranty Inspection after living in the home for 10 to 11 months. At this time most issues will have surfaced and these items should be brought up to your contractor to have repaired. While living in the home for these 11 months, keep a list or a log of the items found. DO NOT wait until your warranty runs out. This could cost you thousands of dollars out of your own pocket.  We cannot stress this enough to all new home buyers!

The question is, “can you afford the home and all of the repairs that may be needed“? Don’t buy a home if the repairs are going to burden you down financially after you move in. This is where a Professional Home Inspection comes into play. This is also why you should not forgo an inspections or use the cheapest inspector. Price shopping can be one of the worst mistakes you can make, when looking for a home inspector.


Nitpicking the small items of a home to negotiate the price down is unreasonable and can many times insult the seller and cause bad feelings between all the parties  involved in the sale of the home. This is where things start to go south. If you want the home, be reasonable with the seller.

Our reports get straight to the point without all the filler clogging up the sale process. Our report will have “General Maintenance” items listed and “Safety Issues”. Don’t let the items in the report worry you before you bring up the issues with the seller. Many times the seller will repair many of the items listed if you don’t insult them is the process. We can also provide you with a repair follow up inspection after any repairs have been made. 

Home Inspections do not Pass or Fail
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