There is a Code of Ethics for Realtors and Home Inspectors to follow
Code Of Ethics

More often than not the Realtor Code of Ethics
Is not followed or ignored by many in the Black Hills area.

Home Inspectors in the area are also bound to a Code of Ethics
Designed by the South Dakota Real Estate Commission in Pierre SD.
This Code of Ethics is also being ignored.

Links to The Codes Of Ethics
Code of Ethics for Realtors:
Code of Ethics for Inspectors:


Many tricks are being played out on the weary and uninformed consumer. 
Use this information to help protect you and your family from fraud and greed.

All of this information is supplied by our clients and from my involvement in the home buying process as a Home Inspector. Home buyers and the general public need to be aware of the tricks that are being played out on the consumer to get a house sold at any cost. The code of ethics was designed to help protect the consumer from fraud and dishonest sales practices.  This code of ethics is being ignored and is a huge disservice to everyone involved in the home buying process. Sellers and buyers need to be aware of these dishonest sales tactics.

Many of the tactics are disturbing, dishonest and are just wrong!

The information you will see here will not be found on any other Home Inspector’s website. The reason we are sharing this information, is to help educate and inform you about what you need to look out for when selling or buying a home. The main reason we are releasing this information is due to all the complaints we get all the time from our clients about all the different sales tactics used to get that house or property sold. The list keeps growing daily. We are willing to work with ethical realtors in the Black Hills Areas.


Don’t let misleading information ruin your credit and put a huge burden on you and your family. We are here to protect our clients and give you useful information. Our inspection will pay for itself. We are your Black Hills Property Consultant and you can count on us. Information is key to buying your dream home.

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