First time homeowners need to be aware of many things when getting ready to buy a new home. The elderly and first time homebuyers are taken advantage of every day. Be on guard for the tricks set in place in the housing market.

Rapid City Aerial Photography & Inspection Service

Our drone pilot is FAA certified and highly qualified to provide you with the services you need. We provide the most Professional drone pilot services in the Black Hills. Rapid City Drone Services, Rapid, City, drones, inspections, thermal imaging, aerial photography, listing videos, real estate,

Rapid City Home Inspections Rapid City Home Inspectors

We are not realtor driven in any way and this provides us with the flexibility to give you the best inspection service possible. Don’t chance your only opportunity for a quality inspection from a realtor driven inspector off of your realtors short list of inspectors. These inspectors are working for the realtor, not you!

Farm and Ranch Drone Services

Crop surveys, locating animals, checking fence condition, cattle herd locating, Survey crop drought conditions and Thermal Imaging. South Dakota’s premier drone specialist and inspection company.

Home Inspections 101

Too many buyers and sellers take whatever name is recommended by their realtor without doing any research. This could be the biggest mistake you can make. We will provide you with Quality service and an inspection you can rely on. Protect your investment with a quality inspection. You only get one chance at an inspection, make it count!

Recommended Septic Service

Pennington County requires residents with a septic system to be pumped every 6 years. Maintaining your septic system help protect drinking water and the environment.
It costs a lot less to maintain than to replace.

Cheap knock-off Phone Charger Fires

There have been countless reports of fire hazards, house fires and even deaths due to fake chargers. It’s gotten so bad that Apple has an official program to replace fake chargers to try and prevent further property damage and claims. Read More…

House Attic Inspections

Your attic plays a vital roll in your homes heating and cooling. Properly maintaining your attic is a must. Your inspector should inspect and report on your attics condition.

Tips for Buying a Home

1) Choose a Reputable Lender, Insurance Provider and a Home Inspector, outside of your Realtor’s office. These are the top three mistakes. Don’t be tricked with false information. Read More…